What Dog Owners Should Know About Dognapping

2 million dogs are taken each year and about 10% are returned home, according to Petfinder.com. We call this dognapping– the criminal activity of taking a canine from his owner, obtained from the term kidnapping.
Throughout the world, animals are considered a variety of elements, like being resold as a companion pet, to gathering benefits from distressed owners or for battling in dogfights, just to name a few. In the last 2 and half years, there has actually been an increase in family pet thefts in order to make quick money by criminals wanting to take advantage of the increased requirement for canine relationship throughout the pandemic.
What are the leading canines stolen and from where?
According to the American Kennel Club Vice-President of Public Relations, Brandi Hunter-Munden, a few of the leading stolen pets in the Unites States are:

As an outcome, perpetrators who take family pets are offered comparable sentences to those who take inanimate things. In the last couple of years, because various French Bulldogs have actually been taken from family pet owners and breeders, I have had to take severe, security safety measures,” Patricia states. Many animal shops throughout the country have in fact experienced pet dog thefts provided that the pandemic. While criminal charges and charges do vary from state to state, California and Louisiana enforce charges and charges that are based on the monetary worth of the stolen family pet canines. In these states, pet canine theft is a felony with 6 months to 10 years of prison time.

If your pet dog is taken, what to do.
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If dognapping does take place to you, take these actions right away.

Microchip your pet dog, sign up the microchip with the microchip firm and keep the information updated.
Have your pet wear a collar with your contact number and ID tag with relevant and existing info, like your email address and the word “Reward.”.
Have your animal use a GPS tracker that can track your family pet in real time to find his area.
Do not leave type doormats or hang type flags outside your home, as this acts as an advertisement for burglars.
Keep all doors locked and windows closed when you are not home. Set up video cameras in your home concentrating on crucial entry and exit points.
Do not leave your pet unattended outside in your yard, in your car or bound outside a shop.
Be careful of complete strangers who approach you to talk about your animal dog. Do not provide any details about where you live, how regularly you walk your animal or your pets name.
Attempt to stroll pet canines in daytime hours, a little varying the time. Burglars search for continuous dog-walking habits.
Alert your environment. Look for parked vehicles in your location and focus on pedestrians, who simply do not seem “to fit.”.
Keep a watchful eye on yourdog in the dog park and dont stroll your dog off-leash in your community.

Yorkshire Terriers
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Boston Terriers
English Bulldogs
Pit Bulls
French Bulldogs

Brandi bears in mind that in previous years, unwary owners would leave dogs in their lawns for a few minutes for them to “do their organization” or tether their family pets outside a store to run a fast errand. “Now, we see lots of canines are drawn from inside homes, vehicles and trucks and backyards in addition to being pulled from their owners on the streets throughout the nation,” she specifies.
In addition, Brandi clarifies that “much of these types are taken straight from owners due to the fact that they are little, portable, docile and do not set up a fuss when snatched from their owners.”
Who are the victims of animal theft?
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Pet owners are not the only victims of animal theft. Pet dog breeders are prime candidates, too. For breeders like Louisianas Patricia Sosa, there is a waiting list for her limited supply of carefully reproduced French Bulldog pups. In her 30-plus year love affair with the type, she just had a single individual steal a canine by composing a bad check, practically 15 years back.
” In the last couple of years, given that various French Bulldogs have really been taken from pet owners and breeders, I have actually had to take serious, security safety measures,” Patricia states. She thoroughly pre-screens candidates through phone and checks referrals prior to she welcomes possible canine owners to her home to see puppies.
In addition, prior to welcoming prospective dog owners into her house, she talks about to them that she has a security system and network of video cameras covering her house, kennels and the rest of the property. She informs them that she has a watchdog– a Doberman that will exist while they are visiting her properties.
Breeders are not the only ones to have actually pets stolen from them. Lots of pet shops throughout the country have really skilled pet dog thefts provided that the pandemic. In 2021, after two women entered into a Texas animal store and asked to see a French Bulldog, the shop complied. When the canine stayed in their hands, the 2 immediately went out the door. Store workers rapidly reported the event and description of the cars and truck to the police officers. Quickly after, the officers found the women presumably trying to reattach the license plate they had actually gotten rid of in preparation for the break-in.
Do criminal statutes and charges vary connecting to K9 theft?
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Canines, and other buddy animals, are presently classified as “domestic or commercial residential or commercial property” in theft sentencing. As an outcome, wrongdoers who steal dogs are offered comparable sentences to those who take inanimate products. Numerous states consider family pet theft a misdemeanor, and the penalties consist of small fines and little-to-no jail time.
Only around 15 states fix pet theft in their criminal codes. While criminal charges and charges do vary from state to state, California and Louisiana enforce charges and penalties that are based upon the financial worth of the taken family pet dogs. In these states, pet canine theft is a felony with 6 months to 10 years of jail time.
Animal supporters agree that charges for animal dog theft should be more extreme than that of stealing inanimate, non-living residential or commercial property. Present research studies and case law have acknowledged that the animal-human bond is unique, and the ramifications of determining an animal canine home is old.
How can family pet fans help?
The Animal Legal Defense Fund, a 501( c)( 3) not-for-profit company, is an animal law advocacy company whose defined objective is to secure the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The organization inspires animal fans to act by lobbying regional, state and federal government agents and companies to change laws to protect animals.
If you want to assist enact more state criminal statutes, welcome harsher measures and greater charges versus canine theft, satisfy and organize with comparable pet dog owners and deal with animal rights companies to change animal theft laws.
One last thing: If you have actually had your animal taken, be patient, be diligent, be active and dont give up. He might be gone back to you.
How to prevent canine theft
There are actions you can require to guarantee you and your animal are not a target for dognapping.
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Why some pups are dognapped more than others.
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A few of the contributing elements as to why some pet dogs are taken more than others is that the preferable types these days are unusual, difficult and stylish to get ones hands on, specifically the French Bulldog– a breed that is a main possibility for theft.
” Frenchies have really been wound up being fashionable due to their social media presence, especially on Instagram, in addition to their types representation, which can be discovered on sheets, sweatshirts, phone cases and in advertisement tasks,” states Brandi Hunter-Munden, AKC vice president of public relations.
Another contributing element to the breeds popularity is that many French Bulldogs are owned by noteworthy celebrities like Lady Gaga (who were notoriously and highly dognapped in 2021), Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Madonna and Reese Witherspoon. And, with a big expense– beginning at $4K and up, there is an implied elite status from owning this type.
When it comes to French Bulldogs, the need surpasses the supply which requires to be figured into the reason the type is a prime contender for being taken. French Bulldogs have smaller sized litters, supplying a minimal supply for such a starved need.

Security professionals concur that if your family pet is taken, do not attempt to chase after the assailants or dive in the vehicle with them since you can get terribly hurt and even shot.
Compose down as much as you can bear in mind about the intruder or robbers and the trip car.
Call the police officers and submit a report with as much extensive information as you can remember.
Call your microchip business so that individuals in your place will get a lost animal alert and be on the lookout.
Connect to regional losing out on family pets and area groups on social networks. Post a picture of your pet and discuss him entirely. Post on your own social feed to get the word out, too!
Make a leaflet including face and body shots of your animal, using a benefit for information resulting in his safe healing. Do not show that he was taken, as there is a possibility the thief might desire to return him and prevent prosecution. Post leaflets in the location, including regional animal canine parks or where large groups of individuals congregate.
Contact the regional veterinary workplaces, groomers, pet dog daycares, boarding shelters and centers, as the robbers may wish to drop him there.
Make up a letter to regional media outlets (papers, radio and television) including a photo and complete description of your canine and an explanation of what happened. If you discover that other pets in your domestic location have been taken, consist of that.
Be careful of fraudsters who might call you for the advantage or ask for money to return your canine.
Consistently assessment online posts for animal adoptions and family pet sales.
Dont offer up!

In her 30-plus year love affair with the type, she just had one specific take an animal by making up a bad check, almost 15 years earlier.
Breeders are not the only ones to have pet dogs taken from them. As a result, offenders who take pets are used similar sentences to those who take inanimate things.