Teens and Cyberbullying 2022

The following is excerpted from an online article published by Pew Research.
While bullying existed long prior to the web, the increase of mobile phones and socials media has in fact brought a new and more public arena into play for this aggressive habits.
Nearly half of U.S. teenagers ages 13 to 17 (46%) report ever experiencing at least amongst 6 cyberbullying routines asked about in a Pew Research Center survey performed April 14-May 4, 2022.
The most frequently reported behavior in this research study is name-calling, with 32% of teens stating they have been called an angering name online or on their mobile phone. Smaller sized shares state they have actually had incorrect reports spread out about them online (22%) or have in fact been sent out specific images they didnt demand for (17%).
Some 15% of teenagers state they have actually experienced somebody aside from a mamas and father continuously asking where they are, what theyre doing or who theyre with, while 10% say they have in fact been physically threatened and 7% of teens state they have actually had particular pictures of them shared without their consent.
In in general, 28% of teenagers have actually experienced various types of cyberbullying.
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Source: Pew Research Centerhttps:// www.pewresearch.org/internet/2022/12/15/teens-and-cyberbullying-2022/.