Being More Physically Active Does Not Help Girls Lose Body Fat

The following is excerpted from an online short article posted by StudyFinds.
A group in Norway states their figures are not managed by how much time they spend running, walking, or in the health club. In girls, we discovered no connection in between their physical activity and quantity of body fat. Increased physical activity didnt outcome in less body fat in the ladies, and body fat had no effect on modifications in their physical activity,” states really first research study author Tonje Zahl-Thanem in a university release.
In boys, the quantity of body fat impacts workout levels, with more leading to less, respectively.
The findings are based upon almost 1,000 Norwegian kids, who scientists taken a look at every 2 years between the ages of 6 and 14.
” In quantity, we found a link in between workout, inactive way of living and fat part in young boys, nevertheless not in girls,” Steinsbekk concludes.
The analysis was released in the International Journal of Obesity.
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