10 Dog Training Hand Signals

Theyre reading our signals all the time, so hand signals are a natural approach to teach your family pet most hints. Research studies expose pets are most likely to precisely respond to hand signals than spoken cues.Studies reveal family pets abilities to understand our pointing gestures may be intrinsic, or perhaps they are inclined to comprehend our pointing far better than other gestures. Why hand signals come in handy in canine trainingUsing hand signals is more common than you might believe as they: Come in useful in a series of scenarios where you cant utilize your voiceHearing-impaired dogDeaf pet dog trainingSleeping baby, youre on a video/phone call, or any other time you wish to be quietImprove focus: Your pet learns to keep an eye on you for guidelines and guidanceImprove cognitive skillsProvide enrichment and stimulation to help ease boredomSupport structure strong habits while having funHow to teach a pet hand signalsIf your animal already comprehends the verbal cue, start to include on the hand signal.Start in an environment with very little to no distractions.Have your family pet dogs attention (eyes on you) and supply the verbal cue in addition to the hand signal.